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Ficar de Bubuia – Relaxing Floating in the Rivers’ Waters

Chibata no balde – very good.

Cortar a Curica – same meaning as “Cut the cheap”.

Kikão – hot dog

Leso – Someone who does something silly is called an “injurious”.

Esculhambado – indicates something badly tidy, done anyway.

Escangalhado – something that’s broken.

Só o cuí – someone very thin. “Just the cui”

Pai D’égua – very good.

Carapanã – given name for mosquitoes, mosquitoes, mosquitoes.

Comer abiu – Abiu is an Amazonian fruit that glues the lips of those who eat it, so the expression indicates a person who is quiet.

Leseira Baré – When someone does silly or if someone is too slow.

Até tucupi – Full

Merenda: Snack

Telezé: Are you injured?

Brocado: very hungry

Maceta: Very Large

Mano/Mana: the amazonense’s affectionate way of treating people.

Nem com nojo: If you don’t feel like doing something, you don’t do it with disgust.

Pitiú: Bad Smell